Kid’s Corner Dogs

Critters in the back yard

One of our favorite pets to have & love. And they are so much fun in the backyard, fetching the ball, running all about like crazy.

BUT, they can destroy the yard & garden. Kids, if you want your parents to allow you to play with your dog in the yard without destroying it, help Fido keep to allowed areas for play.

Create paths for them so they can get through the garden areas without stomping on the flowers and veggies! Chances are they already have started worn down shortcuts for themselves.

Put down wood chips or other mulch so it looks like you wanted it that way. Dogs are creatures of habit, they will follow that same path, again & again.

Sometimes they try to dig under the fence or in the gardens, again getting in trouble. Try to keep your dog entertained with toys to keep them busy while in the yard so he or she won’t be tempted to “LOOK FOR TROUBLE”.

The history of dogs is very interesting:

Did you know that about 12,000 years ago hunter-gatherers placed a body in a grave with its hand holding a puppy? Whether it was a dog or a wolf can’t be known.

Scientists know that the evolution of the dog from the wolf was under way about 14,000 years ago.
They do not agree on why.

Some say that humans adopted wolf pups and they favored those that were friendlier towards people and better at begging for food. (Boy, my dogs sure know the begging part real well!)

Others say wolves started adapting by themselves by living near humans & scavenging for their food scraps, becoming unafraid of people and became tame.

At the molecular level not much has changed at all: The DNA makeup of wolves and dogs is almost identical. But I must say, they are much cuter nowadays & absolutely, MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

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