Kid’s Corner Bunnies

Critters in the back yard

Bunny nests can be found anywhere, even in the open. I had one under the mulch in the garden, keeping them safe from hawks, snakes & high heat.

Mom bunnies come to the nest only once in the middle of the nite to nurse them for only 10 minutes. That’s all they need! It’s best to not rescue bunnies from the wild as wild bunny rescue usually fails. To check if they are getting fed, pinch the back of their neck, if the skin stands up like a tent, they are not being fed & need help. Also, their tummies should be rounded, not sunken if they are well fed.

My bunnie guests left their nest after 2 weeks. I thought they would eat my plants in my garden, but only a few peanut plants were nibbled by Mom. But I had to fence them out because when they get big they will for sure come back to munch the greens in the veggie garden

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