Winter Squash Varieties


  • Heirloom 1894, 97 days, compact vines
  • Orange flesh, sweet flavor
  • Good size for a meal
  • Good keeper, can be used fresh without curing

Blue Hubbard

  • Long vines that need space, 102 days
  • Dry yellow flesh versatile in the kitchen, canned, creamed, baked, sautéed & used in pies, soups and breads.
  • Productive & can grow very large up to 20 lbs. supplying a number of meals
  • Storage is excellent


  • Long vines with 3-5 lb. fruit, 100 days
  • Deep orange, rich, sweet dry flesh, tastes like sweet potato
  • Excellent Keeper

Early Butternut

  • Short bush-like vines, higher yields to 6 fruits per plant, 82 days
  • Quality texture, color & flavor
  • Stores 2-3 months.

Honey Bear

  • Acorn type, compact plants bush-type, 100 days, hi yields
  • Mildew resistant, 1 lb. fruits halved make perfect serving size
  • Sweet squash flavor.

Vegetable Spaghetti

  • Vines 5-6 ft. with fruits 5-8 in, enough for 4 servings,100 days
  • Unique squash that flakes with fork when baked into noodle like strands
  • Excellent low carb substitute for spaghetti
  • ‘Small Wonder’ variety produces single size fruits and hi yields
  • Good Storage

Gold Nugget

  • Small buttercup type, bush plants yielding 4 fruits each, 90 days
  • Flesh is light-orange, flavorful around 1 lb. each
  • Good Keeper

Long Island Cheese

  • A Moschata type squash, heirloom, 90 days
  • A sweet flesh that’s great for pies
  • Fruits 6-8 lbs.
  • Excellent for storage


  • 115 days with fruits up to 12 lbs.
  • Comes in ‘Gold Striped’ or ‘Green Striped’
  • Resists squash vine borer
  • Light yellow to white flesh, creamy good for pies and canning
  • Great for southern climes with hot summers where produces most fruit

Sweet Dumpling

  • 100 days with single serving 4 inch fruits
  • Open pollinated, mid-sized vigorous vines
  • Sweet, dry, nutty flavor is superb
  • Excellent baked or stuffed and attractive to serve
  • Stores well 3-4 months