Why Grow Organic?

If one looks at how Mother Nature cares for her forests and lands, you can see how everything is in balance. No one species of plant or animal is wreaking havoc on the rest. There are few profound outbreaks of diseases or insects. Plants nourish themselves by the falling of leaves and dead branches decomposing into food for the promotion of new growth. Plants will only thrive if that species appreciates the particular environmental perimeters of that area. Yes, there will be some damage from pests and disease, but nothing of grave consequence. Fruit bearing plants always seem to set fruit, year after year.

It just stands to reason that if we utilize what Mother Nature has already shown us, we can produce food crops through natural means for ourselves.

Organic gardening is just that!

Organic food has become in more demand as evidence shows that conventional farming with the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers is polluting our soil and waterways, stressing our bodies as we ingest residues of these unnatural products.

Is our love affair with cosmetically perfect, super sized fruit and veggies over? For years we have been told about a link between pesticides and herbicides and cancer. Recent reports suggest that conventionally grown produce is less nutritious than organically grown.

The public is seeking out sources of organic fruits and vegetables in record numbers. Many neighborhood supermarkets now have an organic produce section, and usually with a high price tag. But where is the evidence to back up the claims that our health is at risk and more importantly, the health of our children?