Genus: Lycopersicon

Species: esculentum

Family: Solanaceae

A tropical perennial of the nightshade family including potato, eggplant, and peppers. Usually grown as an annual.

The most popular veggie to grow, hence there are 100’s of cultivated varieties to choose from. Choose your varieties on what your tastes are and the region you grow in.

Tomatoes are a balance of sweet and sour. Some more sweet and others more sour (acid). Usually the lighter the color, the less acidic.

One thing is for sure, the longer on the vine, the better. A couple of plants well tended will give plenty of fruit for a family whether grown in the ground or in containers.

In the Landscape

Not a handsome plant for the landscape, as plants tend to look unruly and viruses are the norm making leaves yellow and discolored towards the end of the season, but not usually affecting fruit.

In the Kitchen

One of the most used veggies in the kitchen. The main ingredient in spaghetti sauce, marinara sauce, & pizza sauce. Tomatoes are used so often, it is definitely worth growing enough to can to use throughout the year. They can be added to numerous dishes to add color and a sweet, mellow flavor.

Growing Organic Tomatoes

Most growers probably use organic practices already by the application of copious amounts of compost and kitchen scraps like coffee grounds, bananas and egg shells.

Growing the right varieties for your area will help battle the viruses and disease that are prevalent in your area.

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