Genus: Fragaria

Species: More than one that is important; vesca (the Alpine berry), virginiana (Wild Eastern US), & chiloensis (Pacific Coast Native)

Family: Rosaceae

Most modern varieties of strawberries are hybrids from species chiloensis.

Growing Organic Strawberries can be as simple as letting a patch go wild or as complex as building a 4 tier system for maximum yield.

When picked at the peak of ripeness, these little gems are pure deliciousness, unlike any store-bought berry, red straight thru!

In the Landscape

Strawberry plants make a beautiful ground cover or
border in the ornamental garden. They also make great container plants or hanging baskets for the deck & porch.

In the Kitchen

Strawberries make sweet desserts but also add a little sweet to salads.

They do have a short shelf life, even in the frig. Don’t let any berries go bad, just quickly make a cooked puree with a little sugar & instantly preserve the freshness. We use strawberry puree as a jump off point to many strawberry recipes.

Cook the puree down a little more with some more sugar and you have strawberry jam.

Add some flavoring like lemongrass & Cointreau & you have an Ultimate Strawberry Jam.

Growing A-Z