Organic Peaches

Genus: Amygdalus (formerly Prunus)

Species: Persica

Family: Rosaceae

Growing Organic Peaches can be a challenge as peaches are susceptible to bugs, disease & unfavorable climates. However, they are definitely worth the effort.

If you keep the tree healthy by proper care & monitoring for problems as soon as they show up, you can have many years of delicious fruit.

And at $3-$4 a pound, growing you own is the more economical way to go.

Picking the right variety for your climate is the key to success.

In the Landscape

Peach trees are a very pretty, deciduous graceful tree to be used in the yard.

They have beautiful pink to crimson showy flowers all along the branches bud out before the leaves in the spring for a spectacular display.

Being self fruitful, you only need one so it makes a great specimen plant. Some varieties have gray bark branches making it pretty even in the winter. Most grow 15-25 feet but can be maintained easily at 15 feet.

In the Kitchen

Peaches can be used for so many sweet & savory dishes. Making jam & canned peaches are a great way to preserve the harvest.

A new trend is Peach Salsa, for a change from the usual tomato based version.
They also make delicious smoothies, or even Peachy Lime Basil Martini’s!

Though my favorite way to eat them is standing over the sink and sinking my teeth into a very ripe fresh peach with the juices streaming down my chin.

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