Oranges Varieties

Blood Oranges

  • Hardy to Zone 8
  • Red flesh and red rind
  • Quality excellent though fruit size small
  • Trees compact, can be container grown
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  • Zones 8-10
  • Intense flavor, small fruit
  • Loose skin, easy to peel and seedless


  • Good for south Texas and Florida
  • Matures fall to winter
  • Almost seedless juice orange


  • Matures in December
  • Melting flesh, small to med fruit
  • Yellow flesh and juice
  • High quality and thick nectar-like juice


  • Hardy to Zone 8
  • Grows well in Florida but suitable in California
  • Loose skinned which peel and divide easily
  • Variety most likely to fruit inside


  • Succeeds in Florida and California
  • Standard or dwarf
  • Heavy, rich fruit similar to blood oranges


  • More productive in California
  • Trees almost thornless and dwarfish
  • Technically seedless
  • ‘CaraCara’ rosy fleshed navel if close to sunny window

Parson Brown

  • Best in Florida
  • Matures early
  • Small, seedy juice orange


  • More successful in Florida
  • Ripen Dec-Feb
  • Fruit is coarse grained
  • Large and seedy but good quality


  • Zone 9-11
  • begins to bear fruit at an early age
  • Tree large to 25 feet and rounded
  • Fruit matures in February, excellent for juicing