The mushroom “cap” or “toadstool” is the edible fruit body of the mushroom “plant” which is called mycelium. The mycelium is a network of cells that live perennially in the ground. They look similar to white masses of spider webs.

Mushrooms would be a natural addition to a garden with a woodlands style. As long as the conditions are met once during the year, they can be treated as a perennial. Small patches could be laid out in shady areas under trees. Even with log culture, the logs could be placed in the landscape as sculptures.

All the fruitbodies of the mushroom contain the spores (seeds) necessary for reproduction. The spores are small and dust like when ripe, originating from the gills underneath on toadstool varieties.

Mushrooms can be grown by the home gardener in a damp, cool basement or even under the kitchen sink! A moist, shady area in the backyard works for backyard growing.

Grow Organic Mushrooms

To grow organically is not that difficult if you maintain the proper environmental conditions. Mushrooms require high humidity, light but not sun, and ventilation. They are a fun and different edible to grow. Mushrooms can grow inside in the winter months when the rest of the garden is asleep. Except Florida, where the garden never sleeps!

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