Apples Varieties


  • Midseason
  • Medium size fruit, medium red blush
  • Flesh is firm, crisp, moderately rich
  • Good for eating, sauce, pies, and cider
  • Field immune to scab, resistant to powdery mildew, fire blight and cedar apple rust
  • Pollinates with ‘Goldrush’ or ‘Enterprise’


  • Medium to large sizes fruit, canary-yellow in color
  • Texture is fine, flavor is a little tart
  • Good for cooking or fresh eating
  • Field immune to scab, very resistant to powdery mildew, resistant to cedar apple rust and fire blight
  • Pollinates with ‘Pristine’, ‘Jonafree’ and ’Liberty’
  • Zones 4-7
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Stayman Winesap

  • Late season
  • Blush to red, spicy yellowish flesh with good flavor
  • Use for fresh eating and cooking
  • Self Pollinating
  • Good in cool, coastal climes
  • Zones 6-10


  • Late midseason
  • Medium to large size fruit, bright red with white flesh
  • Tart in flavor and crisp texture
  • Great for eating fresh and for sauce
  • Short storage
  • Resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust and fire blight
  • Zones 3-8

Golden Delicious

  • Midseason to late
  • Large size fruit, clear yellow flesh, crisp and sweet
  • Excellent eating and cooking
  • Different in taste and growth then ‘Red Delicious’
  • Most widely adapted variety
  • Needs 900 chill hours
  • Zones 5-9


  • Midseason
  • Medium size fruit. Flesh is white, fine-textured, crisp and juicy, flavor good, sprightly and sweet
  • Good for fresh eating, cooking, canning and keeps well
  • Highly resistant to apple scab, and resistant to rust, blight and mildew
  • Easy to grow and big producer, pollinates with ‘Williams Pride’, ‘Jonafree’ and ‘Enterprise’
  • Zones 4-8

Williams Pride

  • Early season
  • Fruit medium size, flesh is firm, juicy and spicy.
  • Good for fresh eating and cooking, short storage.
  • Best flavor of old resistant varieties
  • Cultivar is immune to apple scab and apple rusts, and resistant to mildew and blight.
  • Pollinates with ‘Jonafree’, ‘Liberty’ and ‘Enterprise’
  • Zones 3-8


  • Midseason
  • Fruit medium size, flesh is firm and crunchy, flavor is mild and sweet.
  • Excellent for fresh eating, mix with other apples in pie for good apple flavor.
  • Best for summer heat, needs only 350-400 chill hours.
  • Pollinate with other midseason varieties


  • Large, sweet, slightly tart creamy white flesh
  • Good for fresh eating, apple sauce and pies.
  • Remarkable low chill, grows as far south as central Florida


  • Mid to Late season
  • Fruit is large, red and glossy and firm, crisp, with spicy and juicy
  • Good fresh eating and cooking, stores well if refrigerated.
  • Is field immune to apple scab, highly resistant to cedar apple rust and fire blight. Somewhat resistant to mildew
  • Pollinate with ‘Goldrush’ and ‘Golden Delicious’
  • Good bearing and spreading tree


  • Late season
  • Fruit has great flavor, crisp texture
  • Good for fresh eating, pies and cider
  • Stores till June of next season!
  • Quick to bear, great disease resistance
  • Zones 5-8