Green Garden Chef was created for home chef’s that want to try to grow their own organic kitchen garden, and for avid gardeners that wish to learn to prepare delicious recipes like a pro from their bountiful harvest.

With the cost of organic produce and the all too common contamination scares, it makes sense to grow your own for your family. Even in a small space, you can grow delicious, healthy produce.

This periodical website was created by Camille Van Sant, an avid gardener and cook for 30 years. Camille has a horticultural degree and has grown organic edibles all over the country. Wanting to compile her own reference data and recipes for herself, she decided to share this information in the form of an electronic magazine.

Camille currently lives in central Florida and also has property in New York with her husband, Neil. They enjoy growing edibles in both the north and the south so all weather and soil conditions will be covered in her stories.

In each issue we will bring you practical information on growing organic edibles that are featured in our “Edibles of the Month” section featuring 3 edibles; 1 veggie, 1 fruit and 1 herb.

With new lessons every issue in our “Gardening 101” and “Cooking 101” you will learn all about basic organic gardening techniques and cooking techniques used by the finest chefs. All lessons will be archived so that you may research topics as needed.

Our “Recipes” section will feature numerous recipes using our “Edibles of the Month “. Simple recipes to impress your family and friends will give you a variety of ways to use your edibles. We’ll have recipes for all types of special diets such as low carb, low fat, and vegetarian.

“Kid’s Corner” is a great section that will give you ideas to get your kid’s interested in gardening and cooking with fun projects for them every month too!

So come join us as we explore the wonderful world of gardening and cooking!

The new guy: Bruno.